Ultimate Motor Upgrade installation instructions


(As of February 2024, the kit now also comes with a replacement brass worm. Also available separately.)

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1. Press the  contacts on the motor towards the outside (if that hasn’t been done already for you) so they are flat on the black plastic plate of the motor.

2. Solder thin wires to the contacts. There is a plus sign on the motor. 

3. Fix the flywheel on the shaft, as close as possible to the contacts, but not touching it. You might want to use Loctite (or similar) to glue it.

4. Remove the flywheel of the original motor and press the brass adapter in it.

Removing the worm

The motors with 1.2 mm axle have a worm fitted that is hard to get off, even with a gear puller without breaking the pin. But if you heat the worm with a mini-torch, you can hammer them out very easily with a small hammer and a pin. How to do this you can see here. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can send the motor to the Tramfabriek before we send your order out to you and we’ll remove the worm without charge. Contact me 

here. To remove the worm from an 1.8 mm motor shaft you can simply use the Tramfabriek gear puller, available from the tools page. I have not have any experience with the 1.5 mm motor shaft yet, so can’t advise you at the moment.

5. Mount the motor on the frame of the model to test fit the worm on the motor shaft. Check for the correct position, take it out and glue (Loctite) it in place.

6. Place the motor assemble back in the model and solder the wires to the model. Different than usual, the plus has to connect to the left side (where left is the driving direction’s left).

EXTRA TIP: If you are closing a steam model with chimney, it’s easiest to close the model by first screwing the bottom screw in the model. But DO NOT tighten it yet! Then after screwing and tightening the chimney the model, you can tighten the screw on the bottom. If you would tighten the bottom screw first, then it is hard to screw the chimney in place.

Coupling rods

The rings that come with the coupling rods, are for another model. You don’t need to use them. However,  on some models, which have the perma-magnet, you might need to arrange spacers for the coupling rods, as it the plastic of the model will be in the way.

The kit works on Egger-Bahn/Jouef and Minitrains models.  You’ll need a 000 or 00000 Phillips screw driver to screw them in. The holes in the wheels on both sides of the train need to be aligned. If that is not the case, using the quartering tool, you can easily adjust this.