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Ultimate Motor Upgrade

The Holy Grail

A motor upgrade for the famous Egger-Bahn, and later Jouef models: It is almost the holy grail of H0e modelling. The Tramfabriek has received many request for such an upgrade, but through the years, I wasn’t happy with the possible solutions. So finally, especially for these classic models, I had a motor made that avoids using bulky, inaccurate casings. The motor is now mounted on a bracket and simply replaces the original motor. You’ll be impressed with the improved driving capabilities. The model now can run very well at slow speeds.

As there are no replacements available for the worm and the diameter of the motor shaft is different between some models, the old worm has to be taken off and to be fitted with the supplied adapters.

The choice is between:

- Diameter of your motor shaft, to receive the correct adapter. There is the choice between 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8 mm.

Question? Just reach out!

Removing the worm

The motors with 1.2 mm axle have a worm fitted that is hard to get off, even with a gear puller without breaking the pin. But if you heat the worm with a mini-torch, you can hammer them out very easily with a small hammer and a pin. How to do this you can see here. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can send the motor to the Tramfabriek before we send your order out to you and we’ll remove the worm without charge. Contact me 

here. To remove the worm from an 1.8 mm motor shaft you can simply use the Tramfabriek gear puller, available from the tools page. I have not have any experience with the 1.5 mm motor shaft yet, so can’t advise you at the moment.

Coupling rods

Art. COWB17 - Kit

To complete your motor upgrade and to add more detail to your model, the Tramfabriek introduces separately available coupling rods. These are an excellent addition to the OEG steam loco and Ruhr-Lippe steam railcar, but also the modern Minitrains models. Some might think the rods would be covered by the side skirts of the model, but the moving motion can clearly be seen through the holes. A simple, but worthy upgrade.

Please note: on the etch, some washers are supplied. They are not intended for the Egger-Bahn/Jouef models, so don’t (try to) use them. They won’t fit.

Quartering tool

Art. TFEGQU - Assembled

Not all wheels are quartered correctly. With this tool it is easy to align them. Just turn on the handles until the holes on both wheels are in line with each other. The coupling rod on one side should be mounted 90 degrees different from the other side.

Set with of two handles, as pictured. Ready to use. Wheels not included.