Conversion Liliput Uh

to 12V coreless motor

Fits Bemo Art 1233 833, 1233 813 H0e/H0m.

What you need for conversion set

- The model and upgrade kit

- Small flat screwdriver

- Soldering iron 15W/25W

- Thin wire (get the thinnest wire here)

Good to have:

- General modelling tools

Installation time: Around 45 minutes

LILOUH   Coreless motor conversion kit

For Liliput H0e models of the Uh locomotive.

Contents of the kit:

1x  8x16 mm 12V motor with two shafts

1x Motor casing

2x brass shaft adapters

This kit does not include a worm nor flywheel, so you have to take the originals off of the motor! How to do so confidently, read here.


Remove housing

Remove the chimney, which is stuck with double sided tape. Extremely easy to take off.

Remove coal bunker, by pulling it upwards.



Inside the coal bunker are two tabs on the plastic housing. Release these with a flat screw driver. 



With a cross screw driver, release the screw inside the chimney hole.

Pull the housing straight up to remove it.

Question? Just reach out!


Remove these three screws and take the two parts off.


Remove flywheel and worm of the original motor. Be sure not to damage the worm. Tips on how to remove here.



Push or hammer (small hammer) the shortest of the two adapters in the flywheel. Glue with loctite if too loose. It should be flush with flywheel.

Fit the flywheel and worm on the motor with Loctite. Don’t use superglue, as you will not have enough time to position them. The plus on the motor has to be on the side with the red cable. A small plus (+) can be seen on the motor.

Do the same with the worm and the longer of the brass adapters.



When it is running well, replace the parts and you’re done.

Solder the wires to the contacts.  I’ve cut the contacts a bit, so they are not sticking out. The screw the black cover plate back on and test the model.

This motor upgrade kit can very well be converted to DCC. See the red rectangle where the decoder can be fitted without modification. Check the digital setting page, for many decoders, to get the best driving experience.

I would advise using the Train-O-Matic Micro decoder with wires (art. 02010223).

Digital conversion