Bar/Buffet and seating interior for Liliput coaches (H0e)

I’ve always had a love for these small little Austrian/German H0e carriages, which Liliput has released in different and every time slightly more detailed versions through the years. Besides their great attraction, they don’t need much space, so you can have a lot of those. I can’t resist to buy it, every time I find an individual version or rake that I don’t have. What’s missing in the model is some more details inside. But that you can change now.

Available to purchase from Shapeways are 3D prints of the interiors I made. You can install a LED light strip, for which space has been made in this design. I have used the Train-O-Matic Shine Plus Mini, available from the Tramfabriek.

Please note: After the release of an article for a model train magazine I'm writing about it, the 3D files will also be available as a free download from the Tramfabriek website. Then anyone with a 3D printer can print them at home or where ever there is a 3D printer. A resin printer, like the Anycubic Photon or Zero, is required for the best quality.


Liliput released several bar/buffet versions of the coach, but the interior is empty or came in later versions with the same seating piece that comes with the passenger coaches. I created a bar interior, which makes a big difference to the atmosphere of the carriage. There are glasses and mugs on the shelves and on the bar you'll find a tray with cake. Put a dot of PVA on it and you have a transparent dome over it. 

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Alternative seating

This is an alternative version of the standard seating that comes with the later models.

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Original seating

This is a replica of the original version as delivered with Liliput models, in case your model didn’t came with one or you need a replacement.

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