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SPC100R is an easy to use tachometer with large LCD display, which will measure the speed of your model train. If you want to limit the maximum speed of your train in CV5 of the digital decoder to match the real world maximum speed, or you just like to see which is the fastest train, you don’t need to draw lines on a straight piece of track and sit next to it with a stop watch. Just turn on this Speedometer, pass the train along it and you know.

Can measure for the following region and scales:


O gauge 1:43.5,  OO gauge 1:76, N gauge 1: 148


O 1:45, H0 1:87, TT 1:120, N 1:160,  Z 1:220


O 1:48, H0 1:87,  N 1:160, Z 1:220


HO 1:80, N 1:150

- The unit of speed can be switched between Km/H, mph.

- Size: 100mm x 50mm x 14mm

- Includes: Speedometer and USB cable.

Uses USB 5V power supply, like from a phone charger. Power charger not supplied. 

SPC100R manual download click here

SPC100R instruction video, below.

Older version SPC100 manual download click here

Casing to print in 3D download click here


version with

more scales



Synergy makes a difference

After receiving the initial stock of Speedometers, at the Tramfabriek we realised that the device could be even better. There were several popular scales not supported, but most of all, O gauge, H0 gauge and N gauge do not have the same scale all over the world. We have been working together with the manufacturer to come up with an improved version, that serves many more modellers. Thanks to the incredible willingness and speed of the manufacturer, we are able to now offer the updated version of the very useful Speedometer.

Watch the introduction video