Another Tramfabriek innovation is the Gear Spacer for all DIY chassis builders or anyone else who likes to fiddle around with gears. When you design gear motion, you don’t really know yet if the distances of the gears will work well in reality. This handy tool will allow you to physically test the required distance between gears. Moving along the snail from the centre increases the distance to the centre with 0.1 mm with each step. Suitable for axles with a diameter of 1.0 and 1.5 mm. Suits all scales, but will mainly be useful for 009/H0e, N and Z gauge, where axles with these diameters are most common.

As a bonus, the short edges allow you to measure the Module of the gear. Available Modules: M0.2, M0.3, M0.4, M0.5


- To design your own gear train, this website is very helpful:

- All kind of gears can be custom ordered from the excellent for reasonable prices.

Gear spacer

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