(Art. 7000) to 12V coreless motor

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Fleischmann Maffei Lok 7

Fits Fleischmann Art 7000

What you need for conversion set

- The model and upgrade kit

- Small flat screwdriver

- Soldering iron 15W/25W

Installation time: Around 20 minutes

Original frame before motor replacement.

See the replacement motor in action.


Take the housing off by removing the screw on the bottom. There are two metal clips on the back of the locomotive. Just wiggle and pull upwards to take the housing off.


Remove the motor and the little yellow electronic piece. Make sure you leave the part of the wire on that connects the two contacts. If you’re going to make the train digital, you can remove both of the yellow blobs.


It’s easy to fit the worm on the brass tube and that assembly on the motor shaft. It is possible the tube fits with friction, as it did with me, then you don’t even have to glue it. If you have to glue it, only use a tiny bit of Loctite or super glue. No need to put glue on the whole shaft, as you run the risk of glueing it tight before it reaches it correct position. Also, first check if the worm is centred on the gear, by placing the motor in the model.


It’s easy to remove the worm from the original motor. Just pull.


Solder the wires. I’ve cut them a little shorter, but only about 5 mm. Guide the wires through the gaps in the front.


Press housing back in place, fit screw and enjoy!

If you want to convert this model to DCC, check out the CV settings for this motor.

And one more model has been brought back to the future!